Pepsi Color Palette | Hex, RGB & HSL

Pepsi mainly uses red and blue for their main company logo, social media pages, and also website elements such as buttons, icons, and banners.

The hexadecimal code for Pepsi’s red is #EB0029, while for their blue is #004A97.

When it comes to the respective RGB value of those colors, red has 235 red, 0 green, and 41 blue, while blue has 0 red, 74 green, and 151 blue.

In HSL, red would have a hue of 350, 100% saturation, and 46% lightness, and blue would have a hue of 211, 100% saturation, and 30% lightness.

Please continue reading below for any other of their brand color schemes, including social media profiles such as Instagram and their official app icon.

Pepsi Symbol Logo
Hex: #EB0029
RGB: (235 0 41)
HSL: (350 100% 46%)
Hex: #004A97
RGB: (0 74 151)
HSL: (211 100% 30%)
Hex: #EB0029
RGB: (235 0 41)
HSL: (350 100% 46%)
Hex: #004A97
RGB: (0 74 151)
HSL: (211 100% 30%)
Pepsi logo with blue background
Hex: #E23232
RGB: (226 50 50)
HSL: (0 75% 54%)
Hex: #324A70
RGB: (50 74 112)
HSL: (217 38% 32%)
Hex: #26588B
RGB: (38 88 139)
HSL: (210 57% 35%)
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
HSL: (0, 0%, 100%)
Pepsi's Official Website


Hex: #C9002B
RGB: (201 0 43)
HSL: (347 100% 39%)
Hex: #1437BF
RGB: (20 55 191)
HSL: (228 81% 41%)
Hex: #0065C3
RGB: (0 101 195)
HSL: (209 100% 38%)
Hex: #2C629D
RGB: (44 98 157)
HSL: (211 56% 39%)
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
HSL: (0, 0%, 100%)
Pepsi's Instagram Profile

Instagram Page

Hex: #EE1937
RGB: (238 25 55)
HSL: (352 86% 52%)
Hex: #005993
RGB: (0 89 147)
HSL: (204 100% 29%)
Hex: #0168B5
RGB: (1 104 181)
HSL: (206 99% 36%)
Hex: #0690CB
RGB: (6 144 203)
HSL: (198 94% 41%)
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
HSL: (0, 0%, 100%)

Pepsi hasn’t publicly shared their brand usage guidelines for a while now, and if they have, it’s currently not easily discoverable to the public. 

This causes a lot of color palette websites to have different color values for such company logos and it makes it very difficult to all have the same information. 

Our approach was to get as close as possible to the actual colors, and we did that by inspecting each logo individually and used different versions to see which result appeared most often.

Some images automatically lose quality by being uploaded online, and that’s another reason why they’re many discrepancies in many of the results you’ll find online.

Pepsi Brand Guidelines


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